Spin production

Spin Dance Group

The group was founded in 1987, after the Rubber gyus formation broke up. Fredy Ayisi established Fredy´s dance group and Edo Krajčír established SPIN dance group.

A third dance group of similar style performed in BA back in those days. It was Nasty led by Šarka Ondrišová then.

I put SPIN back together according to suggestion of Pepe Majesky after serving my duty in AUS (Army Artistic Company ) in 2000, and have been leading it since then. The beginning was quite difficult but we have reached after app. two years the position of the mostly engaged dance group back then. We have kept it for a couple of years.:)

Our dance group is more open for new members today and it deals mostly with large projects, such as TV shows, concert shows or larger company projects. You could have seen us lately in New Years programmes and music shows of all three of our TV stations. We have also took part in creating programmes, such as Zlatý puk, TOM, OTO, Hit Storočia, Môj najmilší hit, Slávik 2009, Eurovision song contest, Showdance.

We also cooperate with theatres (GunaGu – Čechov-Boxer, Gotika, Modelky, Cirostratus-musical, Láska, Závisláci, Historky z fastfoodu, AhA-Poslovia, Nová Scéna - Fontána pre Zuzanu-musical) and in creating marketing campaigns (Different, Fernet Carat,Eurovision song contest clip for Slovakia 2009, Orange 2009.).

Speaking of interesting events from outside of Slovakia,we have had the pleasure to either perform, do the choreography or act as a dance supervisor in: Launch Of the Dior Higher parfume, Givenchy-Givenchy, Thierry Mugler-Cologne, Hugo Boss autumn 2004, Snowboard NOKIA World cup tour.

Nowadays you can see us performing on POHODA festevery year, where we take part in Fero Morong´s NAY dance house.